How To Get A Camp Site


 Hornsby Hollow is still mostly 'first come first serve' and we are happy to hold a site for you the day that you plan to arrive. We start accepting phone calls at 8:00 a.m. and can tell you on the phone what camp sites are open. You tell us which one you want and we will hold it in your name for the full day. That gives you time to get ready for all the fun and relaxation waiting for you at Hornsby Hollow Campground, knowing you have a camp site before making the trip! We will fill sites in the order that we receive phone calls to maintain 'first come first serve'.


Hornsby Hollow will still offer first come first serve and will be happy to hold a camp site for you the day your coming in as we have always done, but if you want to reserve days, weeks, months in advance you can! We are committed to hold a handful of sites for those that would like to reserve.

Here’s a few things to know:

We take reservations for ARRIVAL DATES on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  No reservations will be made with start dates on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as those days will be first come first serve only. 

For example, you can make your reservation for one night, one week, 2 weeks, however long you are planning, if you start your reservation on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.


For reserved sites, we can’t promise a specific camp site, but we will give every effort to meet your requests. Credit card information will be taken to hold the reservation, but if you prefer to pay with cash or check at your arrival to take advantage of the discounted price, you can!

We run first come first serve only and do not take reservations in advance for the following 2019 Holiday dates, so come early to grab your camp site and stay thru the holiday: 

Memorial Day - Thursday, May 16 to Sunday, May 26

4th of July - Tuesday, June 11 to Saturday, July 13

Labor Day – Monday, August 26 to Sunday, September 1

As always, we are happy to HOLD a specific site for you without reservation, on ANY day of the week, if you call us ON that day you plan to arrive.

Seasonal- Monthly Camping

 Seasonal Camping begins the 1st or 2nd Friday of April and ends in October. This provides 6 full months of camping with all 3 major holidays; Memorial weekend, July 4th, and Labor Day. We will fill monthly camp sites from our Waiting List as they become available. Please call us or visit the office for more information.

Year Round Camping 

The majority of the campground will close in mid-November, however we leave 25 sites open all year.  Call to find out more about winter camping!  


Our site fee of $32.45 plus taxes per night; includes electric and water usage!

($37 tax included)

If paying by cash or check we do provide a discounted price of $30.70 plus taxes per night! ($35 tax included) 

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